Jiro Manio Sells Urian Best Actor Trophy to Pinoy Pawnstars and Says ‘I’m Happy’

Actor Jiro Manio Sells Urian Best Actor Trophy to Pinoy Pawnstars

Award-winning actor Jiro Manio has made headlines after selling his Urian Best Actor trophy to Pinoy Pawnstars, expressing contentment with his decision.

The 31-year-old actor sold the prestigious trophy for P75,000, after initially offering it for P500,000. Jiro won the award from the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino for his performance in the movie “Magnifico” in 2004.

In an interview with Boss Toyo, Jiro revealed that he was inspired to sell the trophy after his brother suggested that he should consider building a museum to showcase his awards to the public. Jiro, who also won acting trophies from the Film Academy of the Philippines, Metro Manila Film Festival, and Famas, expressed his desire to see his awards displayed in a museum.

The actor reached out to Pinoy Pawnstars through broadcast journalist Julius Babao to initiate the sale. Jiro, who is currently focusing on his work at a Department of Health rehabilitation center in Bataan, is not actively involved in showbiz these days. He lives with his two daughters, grandfather, and cousins in San Mateo, Rizal.

Jiro’s career began at the age of six, and he became the breadwinner of his family after his mother fell ill. Despite reaching the peak of his career and earning millions, Jiro struggled with drug addiction and has undergone rehabilitation multiple times. However, he has left that part of his life behind and is focused on his current endeavors.

Boss Toyo, who admired Jiro as a great actor, offered to give counseling at the Bataan rehabilitation center in the near future. Jiro signed the trophy before leaving Pinoy Pawnstars, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to have his award potentially displayed in a museum.

The sale of Jiro Manio’s Urian Best Actor trophy has sparked discussions about the value of awards and memorabilia in the entertainment industry, and has shed light on the actor’s journey beyond his career in showbiz.

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