Top CD Album Sales in the US for 2023: Taylor Swift, Stray Kids, and TXT Lead the Chart

Luminate Releases 2023 Year-End Music Report

Luminate, the company that provides music data to Billboard for its charts, has released its “Luminate Year-End Music Report” for the US in 2023.

The report includes year-end charts showing the top artists in album sales, CD album sales, digital sales, on-demand streaming, and radio songs.

Under the US Top CD Album Sales in 2023, six K-pop artists made it to the top 10 rankings. Taylor Swift is No. 1 with her “1989 (Taylor‘s Version)” selling 800,000 copies.

Stray Kids’ two albums are in the top 10. Their “5-Star” is ranked No. 2 in the US in 2023 with 520,000 copies in sales, while “Rock-Star” is No. 4 with 381,000 copies in sales.

Tomorrow X Together’s “The Name Chapter: Temptation” is No. 3 with 442,000 copies sold. Girl group NewJeans’ “Get Up” album sold 332,000 copies to rank No. 5, followed by girl group TWICE’s “Ready to Be”, which garnered 303,000 copies in sales.

Additionally, the US Top Albums based on total physical and digital sales has Stray Kids’s “5-Star” at No. 5 with 526,000 copies in sales, and their “Rock-Star” album at No. 10 with 385,000 copies in sales.

The Luminate Year-End Music Report 2023 provides valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of the US music industry’s top performers for the year.

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