Thai series ‘Bake Me Please’ stars discuss their on-screen chemistry and express desire to meet fans in the Philippines

Thai BL Series “Bake Me Please” Delights Fans

GagaOOLala is currently streaming the hit Thai drama “Bake Me Please,” which has captured the attention of many boys’ love (BL) series fans this year. The series stars Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Shin, Guide Kantapon Chompupan as Peach, Poom Phuripan Sapsangsawat as Guy, Prame Nopanut Thanatintrakul as Oab, and Atom Nathaphop Kanjanteak as Atom.

The actors, known for their roles in other popular BL series, bring their talent to “Bake Me Please” which tells the story of Shin, a passionate dessert chef, and Peach, who joins his team and brings unexpected changes to the bakery. The series has been described as a heartwarming story that embodies friendship, love, and dreams.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, the stars of “Bake Me Please” talked about their excitement and happiness to be a part of the series, their preparation for their roles, and their hopes for the future. The chemistry among the four actors both on and off the set has contributed to the success of the series, with all of them forming a close bond.

The actors also shared their most memorable moments this year, both in their careers and personal lives, and discussed their wishes and goals for 2024. They expressed gratitude to their fans and discussed their desire to hold a fan meeting in the Philippines to connect with their audience.

“Bake Me Please” has been praised for its engaging storyline and the chemistry between its stars. The series is now available for streaming on GagaOOLala, offering fans the opportunity to enjoy this heartwarming BL drama.

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