The Secret to Showbiz Longevity According to Jamie Rivera: Talent Takes a Backseat

Jamie Rivera Launches Inspire Music Record Label

Singer and actress Jamie Rivera is truly a multi-talented artist who wears many hats, including being a songwriter, a producer, and an executive of a company. Now, she has another title to add to her already impressive resume – the head of the new record label, Inspire Music.

At the launch event, held at the Academy of Rock in Quezon City, Rivera unveiled the label’s latest tunes from Kapamilya artists, including Fabio Santos, Fana, Francine Diaz, Imogen, KD Estrada, and Jed Madela.

Rivera shared her goal for Inspire Music, stating, “We want to generate faith to make more people believe in God and to have hope and love for others.”

The award-winning artist also revealed a new collaboration track titled “Faith, Hope, and Love,” which she recorded alongside fellow musicians Jed, Francine, and KD. The song is meant to promote world peace in the face of global conflicts.

Other exciting projects in the works under the label include a revamped remix of the single “3-in-1” and fresh releases from emerging artists Angela and Fana. The latter is set to put a modern twist on a hit song by Gloc-9, “Love Story Ko.”

Rivera, who never thought she’d become a record executive, expressed her excitement about working with young talent. She believes in making the recording process stress-free and is focused on nurturing the next generation of artists.

Having a good attitude is important, according to Rivera. She prioritizes attitude over talent, emphasizing that a great character is crucial in the entertainment industry.

She further explained her philosophy, saying, “Talent is secondary. It’s the attitude that’s number one. Singing is something that can be learned and perfected during recording. But when you’re working with difficult people, that’s tough. I don’t want that at my age.”

At the age of 55, the veteran singer values reinvention and advises artists to continually evolve to sustain their careers. She shared her musical journey and how she moved from pop to Broadway before venturing into inspirational music.

Rivera is also making time to compose new music, currently writing a song for Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, and planning to collaborate with younger artists. She mentioned her busy schedule but assured that she still finds time to create new music, especially on weekends.

Overall, the legendary performer’s dedication to uplifting music and nurturing young talent is evident in her new role as the head of Inspire Music. Her work reflects a deep commitment to her faith and a passion for the power of music to inspire lives.

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