‘As If It’s True’: Khalil Ramos and Ashley Ortega Address Gen Z Challenges

Ashley Ortega and Khalil Ramos, the lead actors of the indie drama “As If It’s True,” opened up about their experience working on the film and the challenges they faced. The film, directed by John Rogers, is set to be showcased at the 2024 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

During a recent luncheon hosted by Cinemalaya, Ashley and Khalil shared their thoughts on shooting intimate scenes for the first time in their careers. Ashley admitted feeling nervous initially but saw it as an opportunity to grow as an actress. She praised Khalil for making her feel comfortable on set and emphasized their chemistry both on and off-camera. Khalil also acknowledged the importance of establishing trust between actors and highlighted the story’s relevance to the struggles faced by the new generation.

In the film, Ashley plays the role of Gemma Watson, a social media influencer dealing with the pressure to maintain her followers’ interest. She meets James, portrayed by Khalil, a struggling musician battling depression. Their relationship starts with the intention of exploiting each other’s resources for personal gain, but as time goes on, they begin to question the line between genuine love and manipulation.

When asked if the intimate scenes in the film would make his real-life girlfriend Gabbi Garcia jealous, Khalil assured that they have a strong foundation in their relationship. He emphasized their professionalism and support for each other’s projects. Furthermore, he highlighted that the film’s primary focus is exploring love in their generation, not the intimate scenes.

Although Ashley declared herself single, she stated that she is currently focused on her career and is not actively seeking a relationship. She expressed her willingness to take on more challenging and “sexy” roles that would help her grow as an actress. Ashley emphasized her desire to move away from playing cute and innocent characters.

“As If It’s True” is co-produced by IdeaFirst Company and will be showcased at the 19th edition of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, scheduled to run from August 4 to August 18 at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

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