Kaowoat and Korn, stars of the bold BL series ‘Playboyy’, discuss their daring show and their careers in a sizzling interview with Hot GagaOOLala.

GagaOOLala’s BL series “Playboyy” has taken the world by storm, gaining popularity among both men and women during the pandemic. The Thai series features daring and steamy scenes, captivating fans around the globe.

The rising stars of “Playboyy,” Kaowoat Supasin Singhapan and Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj, recently spoke to Manila Bulletin about their experiences on the show. Both actors made their debut in the series, portraying a couple in the BL genre. The series explores the world of young adults and their relationships, exposing shady business and desires through chaotic interactions.

“Playboyy” has made history as the most-watched series in the first week of release on GagaOOLala. Kaowoat and Korn expressed their surprise and gratitude for the success, with the former shedding light on the challenges of preparing for the role, including significant weight loss.

The actors also discussed the chemistry between them both on and off the set, as well as their physical preparation for the steamy scenes in the series.

The newfound fame has left them both humble and appreciative, with Kaowoat and Korn expressing their gratitude to fans, regardless of gender. They also expressed their willingness to visit Manila for a fan meeting if the opportunity arises.

With “Playboyy” captivating audiences worldwide, Kaowoat and Korn’s rising popularity is sure to bring more attention to BL dramas and the LGBTQ+ community.

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