Salceda confirms that People’s Initiative for Cha-cha plebiscite will target June 2024

Albay Representative Joey Salceda Eyeing June 2024 for Proposed Constitutional Plebiscite

Albay 2nd district Representative Joey Salceda, a backer of the People’s Initiative (PI), has announced that proponents of the movement are considering June 2024 as a possible date for the plebiscite to vote on the proposed revision to the 1987 Constitution.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Jan. 18 at the House of Representatives, Salceda confirmed the timeline and expressed his belief that it would fit with the upcoming local elections in May 2025.

In response to questions, Salceda clarified that the timeline he mentioned aligns with the one recently revealed by Kabataan Party-list, which involves holding the plebiscite in June 2024 and certifying the proposal’s approval by majority vote in July 2024.

Salceda, who chairs the House Committee on Ways and Means, has been openly supporting the ongoing signature campaign for the PI, stating that the required number of signatures is expected to be achieved by next week.

He also addressed concerns about the validation of the signatures, advising the public to monitor the validation process at the Commission on Elections.

The proposed constitutional changes have been a topic of discussion and contention, with different groups expressing varying timelines and motives for the revisions. Salceda’s announcement adds further fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding the potential changes to the Philippine Constitution.

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