Russian launches “unprecedented” 75 drones over Ukraine

An Unprecedented Aerial Attack in Ukraine Destroys Majority of Inbound Drones in a Single Night

Overnight Ukraine claims to have successfully intercepted and brought down 74 Rashid drones out of the 75 that were launched in a massive air attack by Russia. The majority of the downed drones were reportedly over the capital city of Kyiv, where temperatures dropped below freezing in conjunction with power outages. Despite the onslaught, Ukraine held its Holodomor Remembrance Day, which commemorates the widespread starvation of millions in Ukraine under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Ukraine alleges that Russia launched an unprecedented number of Iranian-manufactured Shahed drones at their targeted locations where they have been at war with Russia for over 21 months. The devastation caused by the drones to Kyiv property, citizens, and infrastructure is yet to be assessed, as thousands of victims begin to cope with losses and destruction that occurred in just one night.

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