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House Speaker Romualdez appeals to communist rebels to choose peace

In the wake of a deadly clash between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and New People’s Army (NPA) in Batangas, House Speaker Martin Romualdez has urged communist rebels to consider the consequences of their actions and opt for peace.

Romualdez’s plea comes after a firefight between the AFP and NPA resulted in the deaths of six suspected NPA members and one soldier, with three others wounded.

“I earnestly appeal to the insurgents to consider the broader implications of their actions on our country and its people. I urge them to abandon the path of violence and to rejoin the fold of the law,” Romualdez said in a statement.

The House Speaker also expressed his condolences for the fallen soldier and solidarity with the wounded, emphasizing the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

The clash occurred despite the House’s support for President Marcos’ amnesty proclamations for various rebel groups, including those affiliated with the NPA.

Romualdez, a top ally of Marcos in the legislature, stressed the importance of collective efforts, dialogue, and understanding in achieving peace and prosperity in the Philippines.

As the nation grapples with continued challenges in attaining lasting peace and stability, Romualdez’s appeal for peace and his recognition of the sacrifices made by the armed forces carry significant weight.

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