Ivana Alawi falls victim to Marian Rivera’s impressive prank

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Pulls Off Impressive Prank on Ivana Alawi for Vlog

In a surprising turn of events, celebrity Marian Rivera pranked fellow celebrity Ivana Alawi for the first time, leaving fans in awe of her acting skills and commitment to the prank.

Mona, Ivana’s sister, orchestrated the prank and was supported by her brother Hash. Ivana’s siblings requested Marian to insult and make their sister cry as part of the prank. They assured Marian not to worry about it, explaining that it was all in good fun. Marian, hesitant at first, eventually agreed to the prank, telling the siblings, “Baka magalit sa akin ang kapatid ninyo ha? Akong bahala.”

The prank was executed during an interview for Ivana’s vlog, which took place at Marian’s house. Ivana arrived 30 minutes late, setting the stage for the prank to unfold.

The conversation between Marian and Ivana flowed smoothly until they discussed Ivana’s tardiness. Marian expressed her displeasure at lateness, prompting Ivana to apologize and explain the reason for her delay. Marian seized the opportunity to express her frustration, questioning Ivana’s professionalism and commitment.

As Marian’s comments visibly upset Ivana, Marian eventually revealed that it was all a prank, embracing and consoling Ivana as she cried. The entire prank was captured on video and has since gone viral, garnering over 7.9 million views as of December 27.

The video of the prank has captivated viewers, showcasing Marian’s acting prowess and the heartwarming moment when she consoles Ivana after revealing the prank. The full video of the prank can be viewed online.

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