Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles Acknowledge Their Children’s Influence on Decision to Get Married

Celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles recently tied the knot in a civil wedding in June 2022. Despite 18 years of being together, the couple finally decided to seal their love in marriage. Their love story began when they were set up by mutual friend Kris Aquino, who played matchmaker for them. Aubrey revealed that she didn’t pressure Troy to marry her as she was already content with their relationship. However, Troy shared that their children played a significant role in their decision to get married. The couple also opened up about their relationship, emphasizing the importance of intimacy and communication. They shared that they have a strong bond which has evolved over the years, making them more open and understanding towards each other. Troy and Aubrey also disclosed that they have a playful approach to intimacy, even revealing that they enjoy sleeping naked when they travel alone. Their marriage signifies a new chapter in their love story, solidifying their commitment to each other.

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