Filipino rapper Alex Bruce collaborates with Costa Cashman on the sleek track ‘Bling’

Filipina rapper Alex Bruce and O Side Mafia’s Costa Cashman team up for new single “Bling” released under Sony Music Entertainment

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Filipina rapper Alex Bruce and O Side Mafia’s Costa Cashman have joined forces to create a seamless blend of minimalist rap and spaced-out production for their new single “Bling,” released under Sony Music Entertainment.

The unexpected pairing exudes chemistry, delivering larger-than-life verses that play to their individual strengths.

“This song celebrates our success as artists and how we’ve come a long way in surmounting the challenges in our respective careers,” the young Filipina rapper explains. “We’re both bragging respectfully, but there’s more to this track than flaunting our achievements. It’s also about hard work and rewarding yourself and the people around you who made it possible for you to survive and win in life.”

“Bling” serves as Alex Bruce’s first collaboration with a fellow artist on equal billing. The track is produced by Costa Cashman and BRGR, whose unique styles mesh together to create a star-making bop for the streaming generation.

The rising young talent expressed her confidence in the outcome of the material, particularly on the technical side of the production. She attests, “I’ve always trusted Cashman and BRGR when it comes to dishing out the best beats to complement my energy and delivery. I am aware that they know what they’re doing, and based on first-hand experience, the material resonates with me on a personal level.”

“Bling” is the follow-up to “Betty Bruce,” a 2023 single that reasserts the young artist’s position as a feisty young rapper celebrating the importance of self-worth and womanhood. The 16-year-old hip-hop sensation recently headlined a FIBA halftime performance for international brand NIKE.

Alex Bruce’s “Bling” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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