Exploring the Mount Malindang Cross-Border Tour

“Travel Enthusiast Explores Eight Tourist Spots in Mountain Range of Mt. Malindang”

Since the pandemic, a travel enthusiast has realized the value of life and has decided to travel more, exploring the beauty of the Philippines and nearby countries. In particular, the traveler has taken a deep dive into the mountain range of the inactive volcano, Mt. Malindang.

Despite the reservations that some may have about traveling to Mindanao, the traveler commends the efforts of the infantry battalion soldiers in maintaining peace and order in the region under the Duterte administration. The traveler encourages others to discover the amazing places that Mindanao has to offer, with a specific focus on the Mount Malindang Cross Border packages, which allow tourists to cross over Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Norte, and Zamboanga del Sur.

Collaborating with Atty Jun Salatandre and other local figures, the traveler embarked on the Mount Malindang Cross Border Tour, beginning their journey at Villa Pablea, a natural mountain cold spring resort located in Zamboanga del Norte. The resort, which boasts 25 family rooms and a convention center, provided an idyllic setting for the traveler’s two-night stay.

The tour continued with stops at Nelsa’s Agri Tourism Park, Highlander Farm Resort, Cecilia’s Plate, Gantao Hills, Lantay View, and the breathtaking Viewpoint at Tinindugan. The traveler marveled at the success story of Francis Palma, a Filipino entrepreneur who capitalized on the view of Mount Malindang to build a thriving tourist destination.

The tour culminated at Nikka’s Ridge, where the traveler was able to touch and feel the cold clouds, providing a unique and memorable experience.

For those interested in joining the tour, the traveler recommends taking a one-hour plane ride to either Dipolog or Ozamiz, where they can sign up for the Mount Malindang Cross Border Tour starting on December 1st via the tour’s official Facebook page. The traveler also hints at sharing their experiences from a recent trip to Hong Kong in the following week.

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