Why Dingdong Dantes Struggles to Provide Advice to Up-and-Coming Actors

Top male star of GMA Network, Dingdong Dantes, shared his struggles in giving advice to aspiring actors despite his extensive experience in the Philippine entertainment industry. In an interview after renewing his contract with GMA, Dantes expressed his difficulty in providing specific advice due to the changing media landscape and individual circumstances.

He emphasized the importance of appreciating opportunities given by networks like GMA, which has served as a platform for his acting career. Dantes reflected on his 28 years with GMA, starting as a dancer on “That’s Entertainment” before transitioning into acting. He credited the network for supporting his growth as an actor and allowing him to explore diverse projects outside of GMA.

Despite temptations to shift networks, Dantes remained loyal to GMA, highlighting the clear and supportive working relationship he has with the network. He expressed gratitude for the opportunities to collaborate with other producers and networks while still being under GMA’s wing.

Looking ahead, Dantes teased upcoming projects such as hosting “The Voice Kids Philippines” and starring in a movie with GMA Pictures. As he embarks on a new chapter in his career, Dantes remains grateful for the continuous support and opportunities provided by GMA.

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