David Chua and Maureen Montagne dress up as Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox for Halloween

Maureen Montagne and David Chua Embrace Kick-Ass Gangsta Vibe for Halloween Costume

In a stunning display of creativity and fashion, David Chua and beauty queen Maureen Montagne unveiled their Halloween costumes, channeling Hollywood icons Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Known for their quirky and out-of-the-box fashion statements, the duo perfectly embodied the kick-ass gangsta vibe for the occasion.

The pair, dressed in leather-clad ensembles, exuded the raw fury of the punk rock era during a look test for an upcoming project. David revealed that the photo shoot served as a preview for a future endeavor he plans to launch next year. The characters will be part of a band, and the setting will take place on an island. While David shared his involvement in writing the script, further details remain under wraps.

To their surprise, the costume pictures posted by David on his Instagram Reels generated an overwhelming response. Within the first 24 hours, the post garnered over a million likes. David speculated, suggesting that fans might have been curious due to his association with his former co-star Devon Seron from the film “Good Will.”

Despite not knowing much about Maureen beforehand, David expressed his admiration for the beauty queen. He commented on her stunning appearance and captivating grey eyes, a rare trait. David also discovered Maureen’s down-to-earth nature that contradicted her initial impression of snobbishness.

During their shoot at the Dark Carnival Productions studio in Tondo, Manila, David took the opportunity to showcase the area and introduce Maureen to some of Chinatown’s finest restaurants. He praised Maureen’s appreciation for the experience, emphasizing her humble and unpretentious demeanor, which he did not expect from someone so glamorous.

When playfully asked about his intentions toward Maureen, David openly admitted his admiration, stating that it’s hard not to fall in love with someone as beautiful as her. However, he emphasized his happiness that Maureen loves Tondo and Chinatown, appreciating her genuine and grounded personality.

The Halloween shoot was impeccably executed thanks to the contributions of photographer Justin Soriano, make-up artist Kleng Totanes (for Maureen), and hairstylists Gab Laxamana and Gee Jocson, who were responsible for David and Maureen’s hair and styling.

This Halloween, David Chua and Maureen Montagne proved that they not only understand the art of costume but can also effortlessly transform into iconic figures, captivating their audiences with their extraordinary fashion choices.

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