Yasmie Kurdi shares news of her pregnancy

Actress Yasmien Kurdi Announces Pregnancy at 34

Yasmien Kurdi, the actress, took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. In a series of posts, she, alongside her husband Rey Soldevilla and daughter Ayesha, shared the exciting news with their followers. The posts revealed that they are expecting their second child in 2024.

“We’ve been keeping a little secret for a while #BabyNo2 this 2024! The 3rd Dragon in the family,” Yasmien and Rey captioned their posts. The couple also explained the significance of the “third dragon” in their family, as Yasmien was born in the Year of the Earth Dragon, while their daughter Ayesha was born in the Year of the Water Dragon.

The baby is set to arrive in 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon, and Yasmien clarified in a post that they do not yet know the gender of the child.

The announcement was met with well wishes from many of Yasmien’s celebrity friends, including Gabbi Garcia, Rabiya Mateo, Bea Binene, and others.

Yasmien is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy, and fans were delighted to share in the good news with the actress and her family.

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