Coast Guard urges government officials to stand up against Chinese aggression

In a recent statement, a Philippine Coast Guard official called on government officials to speak out against Chinese provocations in the West Philippine Sea. Commodore Jay Tarriela emphasized the importance of not remaining silent in the face of aggression.

Tarriela, who serves as the PCG spokesman on West Philippine Sea issues, urged government officials to take a stand against China’s bullying tactics towards Filipino soldiers, sailors, and fishermen. He also highlighted the accountability that they hold to the Filipino people and future generations.

The official posted a photo of the supply boat Unaizah, which was attacked by China Coast Guard vessels in March, causing damage and injuring four individuals. The National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea, of which Tarriela is a member, condemned the Chinese actions aimed at obstructing a Philippine supply mission to a military outpost.

Tarriela also warned against the spread of fake news and misinformation regarding China’s actions in the West Philippine Sea. In a separate development, 36 crewmembers of PCG’s BRP Malabrigo were awarded the bronze cross medal for their patrol duties around Panatag Shoal.

During the awarding ceremony, PCG Commandant Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan emphasized the critical role of the PCG in protecting Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. The 44-meter ship recently returned to the Port Area in Manila after a three-day patrol mission in the area.

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