Mayor Honey urges community to refrain from using firecrackers

Illegal Firecrackers Confiscated Ahead of New Year Celebration

In an effort to promote public safety, Manila Honey Lacuna-Pangan has urged the community to refrain from using firecrackers to ring in the New Year on December 31st. The call comes after the Manila Police District (MPD) confiscated illegal firecrackers from sellers in Divisoria, Manila on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

Juan Luna MPD PCP commander PMajor Bernardino Diaz Venturina displayed the confiscated illegal firecrackers and emphasized the dangers they pose. The Department of Health (DOH) has reported 52 fireworks-related injuries, with five individuals requiring amputations of their fingers.

Lacuna-Pangan stressed the importance of prioritizing public safety and encouraged alternative methods for celebrating the New Year, such as using pots and pans or traditional party horns. She expressed concern over the increase in fireworks-related injuries even before the New Year celebration, with over 50 cases reported to date, and Metro Manila having the highest number of casualties.

The mayor urged residents to celebrate without the use of exploding firecrackers and appealed to barangay leaders to designate common fireworks display zones for a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, she urged residents not to handle fireworks themselves to prevent injuries.

Meanwhile, the MPD continues to monitor operations to ensure that no illegal firecrackers are being sold in Manila’s markets. With public safety as a top priority, the authorities are taking proactive measures to prevent potential harm during the upcoming New Year celebrations.

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