Kim Chiu Gets Creative with Upside Down Christmas Tree Display

Kim Chiu Shares Vlog about Inverted White Christmas Tree

Kim Chiu recently delighted her online followers by posting a 7-minute vlog showcasing her inverted white Christmas tree. In the caption, Kim expressed her excitement about the unique tree, saying, “First time talaga ito! Ngayon lang ako ulit nagpalit ng Christmas tree! At super happy ko to see the final results.”

In the video, Kim is seen decorating the tree with bright lights and colorful decorations. However, fans were quick to put meaning to her efforts, linking it to rumors about a possible split with boyfriend Xian Lim. Some comments expressed support for Kim, encouraging her to stay strong and find happiness in life.

Despite the speculation, both Kim and Xian have remained silent on the issue. However, in a recent vlog by Maricel Soriano, Kim offered a cryptic comment about her love life. When asked about the status of her love life, Kim answered, “Ang love life ko ay naka-hang ngayon,” which was followed by a lighthearted exchange with Maricel.

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