After feeling insulted by Starbucks, Guanzon switches to Dunkin Donuts

Women’s group supports Guanzon after revealing intention to disqualify Marcos

P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon has decided to boycott Starbucks Coffee and return to patronizing Dunkin Donuts. Guanzon made this announcement in a post on Friday, January 19, expressing her displeasure with Starbucks over a local controversy the international brand had become involved in.

“I’m back to Dunkin Donuts coffee because Starbucks does not comply with the law on providing a 20% discount and zero VAT for seniors and PWD,” she wrote. Guanzon also highlighted her frustration with Starbucks’ policy of limiting purchases to one drink and one food item, pointing out that this would eliminate any discounts on additional items like pasta.

The former Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner further suggested that Starbucks may have committed a crime, echoing similar sentiments expressed by Albay 2nd district Rep. Joey Salceda during a House probe on the controversy. Salceda urged the chain to offer “free coffee and croissants” to senior citizens and PWD customers as a form of “penance,” to which the Starbucks representative in attendance laughed at the suggestion.

The controversy surrounding Starbucks’ compliance with discount and VAT laws for seniors and PWD customers has sparked support for Guanzon and her boycott of the coffee chain. News of Guanzon’s actions has been met with approval from women’s groups and advocates for the rights of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

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