Martin expresses his respect for cousin Imee as an older family member

House Speaker Martin Romualdez and Senator Imee Marcos are reported to be on good terms despite their differing political alliances. Romualdez, the president of Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats, expressed his respect for Senator Marcos, referring to her as his cousin and elder relative. Romualdez clarified that he greeted Senator Marcos during a recent Christmas party at the US Embassy, indicating that they are on speaking terms.

The 60-year-old House Speaker’s relationship with the 68-year-old Senator has come into question due to their differing allegiances. While Romualdez is known to be close with President Marcos, Senator Marcos tends to side with Vice President Sara Duterte on various issues. Despite this, Romualdez confirmed that he still considers Vice President Duterte as his friend.

This revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics within the political landscape, showcasing the importance of maintaining relationships even amidst differing opinions and affiliations.

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