Farm-to-Market Road

Farm-to-market Road, Barangay Lumbo, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Numerous opportunities await the residents of Barangay Lumbo in Valencia City considering the completion of the new Farm-to-Market Road that will help the community improve their way of living. Residents attest that with this new and seamless road linkage, affordable and fresh farm goods such as rice, corn and banana are sold faster especially to larger commercial establishments. This advancement ushered a swift and efficient return of investment for farmers and investors. More so, this project eyed to provide utmost security for the school community and ease the socio-economic situation of the residents by speeding up delivery and trading of basic services.

The barangay is comprising mostly of residential areas and diversified agronomic fields. Several sari-sari/variety stores, a public school and rice mill facilities are also found in the proximity. The Phase II of this Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) project covers the 1,980-meter road concreting and provision of a slope protection. Construction of this road improvement was funded under the convergence program with the Department of Agriculture with an allocation of Php 12.9 Million.

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