A Vietnamese woman refutes claims of a romantic relationship with Daniel Padilla

Vietnamese woman breaks silence on link to actor Daniel Padilla

The Vietnamese woman who has been linked to Filipino actor Daniel Padilla has spoken out to address the rumors and allegations surrounding their supposed relationship.

In a post on Instagram, Minh Phuong shared screenshots of messages she has received from fans and supporters of Daniel Padilla, detailing the harassment and threats she has faced since the rumors began.

Phuong went on to explain how she met Daniel, stating that she had never met him before his visit to Vietnam last year. She recounted their brief interaction at a bar owned by her brother, where she saw Daniel and exchanged a few words before leaving with her sister.

The woman urged fans to be civilized and polite in their interactions, revealing that she has received threats to her life and job, as well as messages and spam directed at her family and friends. Phuong also questioned the validity of the accusations and speculation against her, asking for proof to support the claims being made.

She concluded her post by asking netizens to visit her online site with dignity and respect, and to think before acting on unfounded rumors.

The Vietnamese woman’s statement comes amidst ongoing speculation and rumors about her supposed relationship with Daniel Padilla, shedding light on the impact of such allegations on her personal and professional life.

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