Robi Domingo Requests Seventeen Tickets!

Kapamilya Celebrity Robi Domingo Appeals for Tickets to Sold-Out Seventeen Concert

Robi Domingo, a well-known celebrity in the Kapamilya network, recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) in a plea for tickets to the upcoming concert of Korean global superstars Seventeen. The group is set to perform at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on January 13, 2024, and Robi was determined to secure tickets for the highly-anticipated event.

In a series of posts, Robi shared his struggle with securing tickets online, expressing his frustration with the ticket queue and the difficulty of obtaining seats for the popular Korean group. He even humorously captioned one of his posts with “Don’t wanna cry!” as he navigated the online ticketing process.

Amidst his struggles, a netizen graciously offered Robi her concert tickets. Robi, however, responded that he would prefer bleacher seats, citing knee pain and the incredibly long online queue he was facing. Despite his best efforts, Robi’s attempts to score tickets were ultimately unsuccessful, as Live Nation Philippines announced that tickets to the Seventeen concert had been sold out.

The sold-out status of the tickets was a disappointing outcome for Robi and other fans who were eager to catch Seventeen’s performance. Despite the setback, Robi’s online pleas for tickets served as a lighthearted and relatable moment for fans who understand the struggles of securing coveted concert tickets.

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