True Queens Lift Each Other Up

Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera-Dantes Spark Reconciliation Rumors After Instagram Follow

Fans were thrilled to discover that Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera-Dantes are now following each other on Instagram, sparking speculation that the two actresses have reconciled their long-running feud.

Despite having a feud that was fueled by their ardent supporters, many fans are excited to learn more about how and when the two buried the hatchet.

During an interview with GMA News’ Aubrey Carampel, Heart Evangelista shared that one of her sisters knows Marian personally through a community, and that they have been in touch for a long time and have a lot of common friends.

However, Heart made it clear that she didn’t want to make a big deal about the issue as she didn’t want it to be seen as a publicity stunt. “Something like that should be from the heart,” she insisted.

Heart also expressed her admiration for Marian, saying, “Marian, we’ve always liked each other, and it’s a true testament that real queens support each other. It’s really the people around us that make things (look) bad.”

While fans may be hoping for the two actresses to work together soon, Heart emphasized that both of them are quite busy. However, she reassured fans that they are okay in the real world.

The alleged feud between the two actresses started in 2011 while they were working on a remake of “Temptation Island” and has been ongoing, with their supporters fanning the flames pitting the two against each other.

It remains to be seen if the social media reconciliation will lead to a real-life collaboration between the two actresses, but the Instagram follow has certainly sparked excitement among their fans.

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