Celebrities discuss the importance of strategy and luck in ‘Running Man Philippines’

Celebrity competition is heating up in “Running Man Philippines” Season 2, with familiar faces like Angel Guardian, Buboy Villar, Glaiza de Castro, Kokoy de Santos, Lexi Gonzales, and Mikael Daez returning, and Miguel Tanfelix joining as a new runner.

The contestants are gearing up for new challenges that will push their emotional, mental, and physical limits. In a recent press call, Lexi shared her strategy of focusing on enjoying the experience this season, rather than overthinking like in Season 1.

On the other hand, Miguel had a different game plan, aiming to excel and be a standout competitor. However, he found that events in the show were often unexpected, making it hard to stick to a specific plan.

With luck playing a role in the competition, Mikael emphasized the importance of having a strategy and being adaptable to different situations. Each contestant’s approach to the games and missions evolves based on their experiences and observations of their fellow runners.

Miguel, who initially had reservations about spending 43 days in Korea for the show, eventually adjusted and enjoyed his time on the set. The contestants formed a close bond during their stay, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Fans can catch the celebrities’ adventures every Saturday and Sunday night as they tackle new challenges in a winter race in South Korea. The show promises mind-blowing missions in its latest season premiere.

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