Senators request DOTr for list of all domestic airports in the country

Senators call for inventory of domestic airports due to technical problems

Senators have urged the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to conduct an inventory of all domestic airports nationwide following numerous complaints of technical problems, such as breakdown of air-conditioning units and defective escalators, for the past five months.

During a public hearing of the Senate committee on public services, Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri expressed concern over the status of repairs of airport facilities. Zubiri highlighted issues such as unserviceable escalators and faulty air-conditioning units, citing examples from his own experience at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Zubiri, along with other senators, emphasized the importance of properly maintaining and repairing airport facilities, noting that airports serve as gateways to the country and play a crucial role in shaping the perceptions of tourists and overseas Filipino workers.

The senators pointed out the need for efficient airport operations, citing examples from other countries like Thailand and Singapore. They stressed that improvements in airport facilities are essential for enhancing public service and ensuring a positive experience for travelers.

Sen. Mark Villar, who was also present at the hearing, emphasized the importance of good maintenance and service providers in addressing issues like escalator repairs. Sen. Nancy Binay also sought an inventory of all domestic airports, noting that regional airports are facing similar technical problems.

Overall, the senators emphasized the need for action to address the ongoing technical problems at domestic airports, highlighting the importance of efficient operations and quality service for travelers.

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