Trolls Unite for a Glittering Reunion Tour

DreamWorks’ Trolls Band Together for a Third Movie

DreamWorks surprised audiences in 2016 with the release of the first Trolls movie, which was based on a 90’s toy line. The movie’s success led to a sequel, and now, DreamWorks has announced the upcoming release of Trolls Band Together, the third movie in the series.

The movie reunites stars Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake as the characters Queen Poppy and Branch, and this time, the story revolves around Branch and his brothers reuniting as a boyband called BroZone to save one of their own.

While the plot may be predictable, the main draw of the movie is the music, and the film is said to feature a successful soundtrack. The creators also smartly focus on specific types of music genres as inspiration for each movie in the series, with the second movie focusing on rock music and the new film highlighting the boyband craze.

The movie takes a light-hearted approach to the boyband genre, embracing the characteristics and stereotypes associated with it. The visuals are described as colorful and vibrant, reflecting the signature crafty and living-scrapbook vibe that has become a hallmark of the franchise.

Directors Walt Dohrn and Tim Heitz, both Trolls veterans, are known for delivering a fast-paced, entertaining movie experience, packing in plenty of entertainment for audiences.

Trolls Band Together is set to hit theaters on November 15th, and it’s expected to be another crowd-pleaser for fans of the beloved franchise.

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