Ano ang susunod? Magkakaroon ba ako ng pangalawang pagbubuntis sa ‘Black Rider’?

Former beauty queen turned actress, Herlene Nicole Budol, has responded calmly to a new controversy surrounding her. The issue involves her and fellow beauty queen Bianca Manalo being mentioned in private conversations with actor Rob Gomez.

Herlene expressed her surprise on X (formerly known as Twitter) at being dragged into the issue. In a post, she mentioned how dedicated she is to her work and how issues are still being created about her. She referenced a previous issue on #wowowin, where rumors suggested she was pregnant, and joked about what the next rumor might be.

Bianca and Rob have yet to comment on the issue, while Herlene has already given her initial reaction. The three individuals are co-stars in the popular GMA Network afternoon series “Magandang Dilag.” Despite the controversy, they continue to remain professional.

The issue has sparked attention on social media, with fans of the show and the actors awaiting further updates. Despite the allegations, Herlene remains composed and focused on her work in the entertainment industry.

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