Show your support for the endlessly charming Gehlee Dangca as she dazzles in South Korea’s ‘Universe Ticket’

Filipina contestant, Gehlee Dangca, shines on SBS’s “Universe Ticket” K-pop audition program

Gehlee Dangca, a proud Filipino contestant, is making waves on the stage of SBS’s groundbreaking audition variety program, “Universe Ticket.”

The show, which premiered on Nov. 18, has taken the K-pop scene by storm, offering 82 aspiring idols the chance to battle it out and fulfill their dreams of becoming part of the next global sensation and debuting in a new K-pop girl group.

Gehlee stands out among the talented pool of hopefuls and was officially announced as one of the show’s 82 contestants last July 2023.

The 16-year-old Filipina is determined, saying, “Nothing can stop me. I will definitely debut!” Her unwavering commitment and charisma have not only caught the audience’s attention but also garnered international praise.

The groundbreaking SBS audition variety program promises a unique viewing experience, offering a reality survival show format where 82 contestants vie for just eight coveted spots in a new K-pop girl group, which will be managed by the new Korean agency F&F Entertainment. The significance of the number 82, representing Korea’s country code, adds a special layer to the competition, resonating with the essence of K-pop culture.

Gehlee’s overflowing charm has been captivating audiences and TikTok users alike. From her impressive talent to unforgettable moments on the show, Gehlee has become a standout figure in the fiercely competitive world of “Universe Ticket.”

The panel of judges, led by Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon, includes notable figures such as vocalist Younha, singer-songwriter Adora, Kim Se-jeong, and dancer Rian of LA CHICA. Adding to the star-studded lineup, ITZY members Yeji and Chaeryeong will serve as mentors, providing invaluable guidance to the contestants.

Fans and supporters of Gehlee Dangca are urged to download the Fancast app and cast their votes. Search for “Gehlee Dangca” and click ‘Vote’ to show your support for this rising star on her journey to debut. PH Represents! Let us rally together and make Gehlee’s dreams come true!

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