Pokwang sharply criticizes netizen’s comment apparently in defense of her ex-partner Lee O’Brian

Pokwang responds to netizen’s comment defending ex-partner Lee O’Brian

Filipina actress Pokwang has reacted to a comment from a netizen that appeared to defend her former partner Lee O’Brian.

The Instagram comment was posted on Lee’s post on January 18, where he wrote a sweet message for their daughter Malia’s 6th birthday. In the post, Lee expressed his love for their daughter and shared heartfelt sentiments on her special day.

However, one netizen’s comment seemed to have irked Pokwang. The comment said, “Huwag kang mag alala Lee darating ang panahon si Malia mismo ang pupunta sayo” (Don’t worry Lee, the time will come when Malia herself will come to you). Pokwang responded to the comment, saying, “Oo para sumbatan sya dahil di naman nagpaka ama sa socmed lang tse!” (Yes, to confront him because he didn’t actually act as a father, just on social media, tsk!).

Despite the tension caused by the netizen’s comment, both Pokwang and Lee posted separate birthday greetings for their daughter. Pokwang’s heartfelt message to Malia expressed her unwavering love and support for her daughter.

The public’s reaction to Lee’s gesture and Pokwang’s response has sparked discussions on social media. Many are expressing their support for Pokwang and her dedication to her daughter, while others are curious about the current relationship between Pokwang and Lee. As of now, both parties have yet to publicly address the issue beyond their respective social media posts.

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