President Duterte clarifies that Marcos Jr.’s alleged addiction is due to antibiotics and aspirin, not drugs

Former president Rodrigo Duterte has retracted his previous declaration that President Marcos is a drug addict. In a statement on Tuesday night, Duterte denied ever making such an accusation and clarified that he only meant Marcos was taking antibiotics and aspirin, which are also considered drugs.

This comes after Duterte had accused Marcos of taking cocaine and challenged him to undergo a drug test in Rizal Park. Marcos responded by suggesting that Duterte’s statements may be influenced by the fentanyl medication he is taking for pain relief.

Duterte also backtracked on his previous plan to push for a separate and independent Mindanao, describing it as just a “tickler” to get the attention of the national government. He emphasized that while some Mindanaoans dream of independence, he would not support a forced separation if it would harm the unity of the republic.

Lawmakers from the House of Representatives welcomed Duterte’s support for economic Charter Change (Cha-cha), noting that it is a positive development for the country’s political landscape. They expressed optimism about the alignment of perspectives between Congress and Malacañang following Duterte’s endorsement of Cha-cha.

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