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PNP Presses Rehabilitation, Education and Treatment Program for Drug Users

The end-game strategy against illegal drugs is surely gaining ground thru a holistic approach highlighted rehabilitation, reinforcement and education-based demand reduction.

PNP Chief, Police General Rodolfo S Azurin Jr. made this assessment as he noted the successful culmination of the Recovery and Wellness Program for drug users who surrendered to authorities to undergo treatment.

Azurin said a total of 654, 228 drug users have graduated from PNP initiated and PNP supported Recovery and Wellness Program over a period of six years since July 2016 until October 2022. The graduates represent 53.11% of the total 1, 231, 894 drug surrenderers who were received by the PNP to undergo the program that runs from one to three months.

The Recovery and Wellness Program is the centerpiece of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Operations through Reinforcement and Education (ADORE), which is the final phase of the PNP anti-drug strategy, the Chief PNP explained.

“This is the new face of the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the police that is at the fore of the national strategy against the country’s drug problem,” Azurin said.

“We are hitting hard on the sources of illegal drugs to disrupt or break the supply chain. At the same time, we are pursuing the demand reduction strategy with renewed vigor by promoting drug abuse awareness prevention and resistance education, including the DILG’s very own BIDA program, among the vulnerable sectors of society”, he said.

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