Oil spill originating from PCG occurs off coast of Davao City

Personnel from the Philippine Coast Guard were mobilized to a seaport in Davao City to address an oil spill that was reported Tuesday night, January 2nd.

Using absorbent boom and pads, the Philippine Coast Guard personnel worked to contain the oil spill, which was located approximately 11 kilometers from the seaport. They also collected samples to determine the type of oil present.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard, the oil spill has affected an estimated 200 cubic meters of sea area. The Marine Environmental Protection Force (MEPForce) and Special Operations Group (SOG) utilized Oil Spill Absorbent Boom and Absorbent Pads in their containment and recovery efforts, resulting in the retrieval of roughly 30 liters of oil.

The source of the oil spill is still being verified, according to the Philippine Coast Guard.

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