OIC Singh-Vergeire Spearheads Board Meeting With Specialty Hospitals, Steers Direction for Proactive Delivery of Specialized Healthcare Services

Department of Health Officer-in-Charge Dr. Maria Rosario Singh-Vergeire, together with the DOH Executive Committee members, today led the 1st Quarter Regular Board of Trustees of Specialty Hospitals meeting.

In the discussion with key officials of the Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, and the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and with the presence of the new committee members such as the Office of the President and Department of Budget and Management, the DOH Officials discussed various concerns and matters such as infrastructure expansion, supply procurement, and program expansion.

The meeting also gave emphasis to the continued increase of specialty care services in the country, which is congruent to the implementation of Universal Health Care in the country. The OIC thanked each committee member for convening to proactively address existing concerns of each Specialty Hospital.

“We hope that through this meeting, we continue to provide clarity when it comes to the action plans of each Specialty Hospital, so that we could better provide Filipinos with improved healthcare services and continue to bolster prevention, early detection, and diagnosis of various diseases.

We thank all our Specialty Hospitals for your relentless work to ensure that Universal Health Care is felt by all Filipinos- regardless of status in life. With your continued support, our goal of realizing all our aspirations for Philippine health is well within reach,” said OIC Vergeire.

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