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PBBM Vows Accessible Dialysis Treatment, Improved Facilities for Pinoys’ Renal Health

Recognizing the importance of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) in the battle against kidney diseases, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Monday promised continued support for the renal health facility for the benefit of Filipinos.

“We owe you a debt that cannot be repaid, and we will see to it that your institution gets all the help that is necessary for its advancement and its progress,” President Marcos said during the 40th founding anniversary of NKTI in Quezon City.

“So we are committed to supporting the NKTI in all its noble endeavors,” the President pointed out.

The chief executive expressed confidence that through concerted efforts, the country can rise to the challenge of fighting kidney and renal disease so that people can live better and longer lives.

To prevent deaths attributed to kidney disease, Marcos said it is imperative that the government ensures that dialysis treatment is readily available, accessible and cost-effective for Filipinos.

“The ultimate goal is to lower the deaths and disabilities associated with kidney disease and kidney failure, especially for those who are not able to access dialysis treatment due to the high cost,” Marcos said.

The President commended NKTI’s continuous adherence to the highest standards of quality patient care by providing affordable and timely diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to its patients.

President Marcos asked the institution to continue being a catalyst for universal healthcare advancement by innovating solutions that decrease the country’s mortality rate in kidney diseases.

At the same time, Marcos expressed his gratitude to NKTI’s hardworking doctors, nurses and personnel for their dedication, competence as well as expertise in providing quality renal care and alleviating the suffering of Filipinos with kidney disease.

Marcos also thanked the institution for sharing the best practices, research developments, and training with various healthcare professionals and individuals all over the country.

One of NKTI’s key projects is the implementation of a 10-year, fully integrated New Hospital Integrated Management System (NHIMS), which will automate the hospital’s services and enable the institute to reach out to more patients.

Once implemented, it will be the first fully integrated NHIMS in the Philippines.

President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., the President’s father, created the National Kidney Foundation of the Philippines, which began operations in 1983.

Starting as a two-ward 50-bed facility, the NKTI has now grown into a 5-building complex with 383 beds, providing around-the-clock emergency services and state-of-the-art medical care.

Since it started operations in 1983, almost 400,000 patients have been given quality renal care, including transplants, dialysis and treatment sessions.

The NKTI has also become a center of innovation and excellence in various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, complemented by world-class facilities and competent and hardworking personnel.

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