Marcos increases Medal of Valor awardees’ gratuity pay

President Marcos Raises Lifetime Monthly Gratuity Pay for Soldiers Awarded with Highest Military Honor

In a show of appreciation for the bravery and heroism displayed by members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), President Marcos has announced an increase in the lifetime monthly gratuity pay for soldiers awarded with the highest military honor.

This announcement was made during the 88th founding anniversary of the AFP, with Marcos stating that the increase in gratuity pay for existing Medal of Valor Awardees is a testament to the administration’s unwavering support for the country’s war heroes.

The decision to raise the gratuity pay came following recommendations from the Department of National Defense (DND) and the AFP, emphasizing the government’s commitment to honoring and supporting the brave men and women in uniform.

During the event, President Marcos expressed his gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions of the AFP in securing the nation, highlighting the importance of their service in transforming the country into a better Philippines for its people.

The President also urged the troops to remain relentless in countering lawless elements, reaffirming his support for the AFP’s commitment to serving the nation.

The move to increase the lifetime monthly gratuity pay is seen as a tangible and meaningful way to recognize the sacrifices made by the country’s war heroes, and is expected to further motivate and honor the brave men and women who have displayed exceptional courage and dedication in the line of duty.

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