Lessons learned from Peque Gallaga by the director of ‘Under a Piaya Moon’

“Under a Piaya Moon” Wins Best Picture at CinePanalo Film Festival

The film “Under a Piaya Moon” has recently won the best picture award at the 1st CinePanalo Film Festival. The movie, set in the 1980s in Bacolod City, follows the story of Stephen, played by Jeff Moses, as he aims to continue his family legacy by participating in a pastry cooking contest. With the help of his feuding grandparents Poldo, portrayed by Joel Torre, and Fina, played by Chart Ferrer-Motus, Stephen navigates his way through the competition.

Filmmaker Kurt Soberano, who directed the movie, shared his experience of filming the project, which revolved heavily around food. He mentioned the challenges of creating different variations and styles of piayas and napoleones for the contest scenes. Despite the technical aspects of filming culinary scenes, Soberano was committed to ensuring that the food not only looked presentable but also beautiful on screen.

Soberano also highlighted the use of the Hiligaynon language in the film to depict the Negrense setting authentically. He emphasized the importance of showcasing the culture and language of Negros to a wider audience.

The film’s lead actor, Jeff Moses, who portrayed Stephen, received praise for his performance, despite initially facing challenges due to his lack of fluency in Hiligaynon. Moses’s dedication to his role paid off, earning him the best actor award at the festival.

In addition to Moses’s win, Joel Torre, who played Stephen’s grandfather Poldo, was recognized as the best supporting actor for his compelling performance. Torre’s on-screen presence and emotional depth added to the overall impact of the film.

Looking ahead, Soberano expressed his intention to refine the film further and continue honing his craft. He acknowledged the influence of late filmmaker Peque Gallaga on his work and shared his aspirations to follow in Gallaga’s footsteps in the industry.

With its success at the CinePanalo Film Festival, “Under a Piaya Moon” has proven to be a standout production, showcasing the talents of its cast and crew and bringing Negrense culture to a broader audience.

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