Park Chan-wook compares filmmaking and TV series production to the art of painting and photography

South Korean director Park Chan-wook recently shared insights on the differences between making movies and directing TV series in an interview. Known for his visually stunning and provocative films, Park is also involved in TV productions like “The Sympathizer,” a popular six-episode show on HBO and HBO Go.

During the interview, Park likened making films to oil painting, where there is more time for preparation and a finished screenplay before shooting. On the other hand, he compared directing TV shows to watercolor painting, requiring adaptability and continuous script changes even during shooting.

Park also drew comparisons to photography, describing movies as capturing landscapes with a big camera on a tripod, while TV shows are like taking candid shots that require quick adjustments to capture the dynamic nature of the subject.

These insights provide a glimpse into the creative process of a renowned director as he navigates the worlds of cinema and television.

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