Legal representatives advocate for commuter safety in letter addressed to Grab Philippines

A group called Lawyers for Commuter Safety and Protection (LCSP) has recently sent an open letter to Grab Philippines regarding the company’s involvement in the MC Taxi pilot program.

In the letter, the LCSP questions Grab Philippines’ request for a second accreditation for Grab Bike, despite already having an ownership stake in Move It, which is a participant in the pilot program. The group argues that granting Grab Philippines a double “franchise” would disadvantage seven other Filipino applicants who are vying to join the MC Taxi pilot.

The letter also points out discrepancies in reports about Grab Philippines’ bid to enter the MC Taxi pilot, as well as the company’s relationship with Move It. The group raises concerns about Grab Philippines potentially dominating the MC Taxi market if granted a second entry.

The letter highlights Grab Philippines’ history of infractions in the ride-hailing sector, including issues with fare transparency, pricing behavior, and commission rates. The group reminds Grab Philippines of previous fines imposed by regulatory bodies and urges the company to engage with stakeholders in good faith and transparency.

The LCSP hopes that by bringing these concerns to light, Grab Philippines will prioritize honesty and openness in its dealings with regulators and the public.

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