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PBBM Underscores Role of Cable Television, Internet Industry in Philippines Digitization, MSME Expansion

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. asked cable television and telecommunications companies on Friday to partner with the government in pursuing its digitization initiatives, expansion of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the establishment of information and communications technologies in remote areas in the country.

“I ask you to closely collaborate with the government in pursuing initiatives for the digitization of our services, the expansion of our MSMEs, and the establishment of information and communications technologies in remote areas in the country,” the President said during the 23rd International Cable Congress and Exhibit of the Federation of International Cable Television and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines (FICTAP) at the Manila Hotel.

“If we are to sustain our soaring economy, we must help small- to medium-scale industries in using digital platforms to improve their services and to connect with their consumers and also their colleagues in the same industry or in the same line of business,” the President pointed out.

President Marcos said the government has pursued key initiatives such as the National Broadband Program, Free Wi-Fi for All Program, the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure and the establishment of shared Passive Telecommunications Tower Infrastructure Sites, among others.

These initiatives will build up the country’s digital infrastructure and achieve its targets in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, the chief executive noted.

The President said the cable television and cable internet industry has not only revolutionized
and modernized Philippine society but has also served as an important platform that enabled people to survive during calamities and emergencies.

“This crucial role of your industry was highlighted and shown in its true importance during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, when you provided hope to many of your fellow Filipinos that utilized your… services and facilities,” President Marcos said as he also noted that the industry served as a communications conduit for food distribution, commodity purchase and transport and healthcare facilitation.

Commending FICTAP for initiating the gathering, the President assured the organization that his administration will be a partner in improving the speed, reliability, affordability and accessibility of internet and communications services.

President Marcos also called on the cable and telecommunications sector and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to continue aligning and synchronizing their plans and programs to improve public access to information and communications technology, as well as to provide the best digital services to Filipinos not only in urban areas, but most especially those located in the remote parts of our country.

“I hope that the collaboration among the government and the private sector, the cable industry stakeholders will not end here — we still have more endeavors to accomplish where we could use our knowledge, experience and expertise for the benefit of our country,” the President said. (PND)

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