‘Ako’y Duwag, Hindi Ko Babanggitin ang Aking Pangalan’

Director Darryl Yap Faces Questions on Celebrity Blind Item as He Prepares for New Movie Release

During the grand media conference for his 15th Viva film “Para Kang Papa Mo,” director Darryl Yap addressed questions about a celebrity blind item he posted on his official Facebook page. The conference was held at the Viva Cafe in Cubao on Nov. 29.

Yap shared his thoughts about the blind item, stating, “So I get this gossip, but I cannot name who gave them; besides, I don’t always do things like that. But this one is very detailed, with matching CCTV, so I got intrigued, but I won’t name the person because I’m a coward.”

He also made a lighthearted joke, saying, “I am not confirming or denying anything. But I guarantee you it’s not from the hashtags because it’s 1M. Nikko doesn’t go for five hundred.”

The blind item in question is related to a local celebrity making a “booking” with an international artist worth P1 million per night.

The mysterious and intriguing nature of the blind item attracted the attention of netizens, and it became even more interesting when Kapuso actor Kelvin Miranda recently reacted to the blind item, denying any involvement on his Facebook page. Yap explained that he was not angry with Miranda despite online rumors.

In addition to addressing the blind item, Yap also discussed his latest project, “Para Kang Papa Mo,” which stars Mark Anthony Fernandez and Nikko Natividad. The film, a drama-comedy, presented a challenge for Natividad, who spoke about the difficulties he faced in preparing for his role.

Yap expressed his passion for acting and desire to work on bigger projects in the future, praising Natividad’s talent and expressing his belief that the actor deserved more significant projects in the future.

“Para Kang Papa Mo” features a talented ensemble cast and is set for release on Dec. 13 in cinemas nationwide.

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