Global Dominion empowers Filipinos to achieve their dreams

Global Dominion Financing Inc. has been a key player in providing financial assistance to Filipinos for more than two decades. The company offers innovative loan solutions for various needs such as car purchases, business capital, education expenses, home improvements, and emergencies.

Recognized as the “Fastest-growing Auto Finance Company for 2022” and “Most Innovative Auto Financing Company for 2023,” Global Dominion caters to individuals and businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, with accessible credit facilities.

During the pandemic, the company continued to support micro, small, and medium enterprises by providing loans. One of its standout offerings is the car refinancing product, known as the “Sangla OR/CR” loan, which allows car and business owners to apply for a loan without surrendering their vehicles.

Global Dominion’s strategic partnerships and digital transformations have enhanced its operational efficiency and network capabilities, leading to significant growth in revenue in 2022 compared to 2021. The company was also granted an issuer credit rating of PRS A plus (corp.) by Philippine Rating Services Corporation in 2022.

With a commitment to expansion and service improvement, Global Dominion aims to empower more clients and continue its growth in the coming years. The company’s expansion to additional cities and provinces in the Philippines brings financial accessibility closer to those in need.

Through initiatives like the #GoDreamer Awards and Recognition, Global Dominion honors outstanding clients and showcases inspirational entrepreneurial stories from across the country. As a cornerstone of financial empowerment for Filipinos, the company remains dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams.

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