G-Dragon from Big Bang refutes allegations of illegal drug usage

K-pop superstar G-Dragon from the popular group Big Bang has denied allegations of illegal drug use amidst an ongoing investigation by the police. The Incheon Police Agency has booked G-Dragon on drug charges and is currently conducting an investigation.

The police have declined to provide specific details about G-Dragon’s case, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation. On October 27th, G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, released a statement through his law firm K1 Chamber, denying the allegations made against him.

The law firm representing G-Dragon stated, “We would like to convey Kwon Ji-yong’s position as follows regarding news that is not based on facts that has been spread indiscriminately in the media recently.” In his statement, G-Dragon asserts that he has never taken drugs and has no connection to the media reports regarding a violation of the Narcotics Control Act.

G-Dragon expressed his willingness to cooperate with the investigative agency’s ongoing process, saying, “However, because I know that many people are concerned, I will actively cooperate with the investigative agency’s investigation and work more faithfully.”

Following his booking, Korean netizens have scrutinized past videos of G-Dragon, including footage from Incheon International Airport. G-Dragon’s investigation comes after actor Lee Sun-kyun was also booked on drug charges, and actor Yoo Ah-in was indicted on similar charges in the past.

In 2011, G-Dragon faced accusations of smoking marijuana in Japan, and he tested positive for the illegal substance. At that time, his agency, YG Entertainment, claimed that someone had given him a cigarette that turned out to contain marijuana. G-Dragon admitted to taking a few puffs before realizing the cigarette’s content and throwing it away.

Initially, G-Dragon tested negative in a urine test but tested positive during a hair drug test. However, prosecutors decided not to charge him due to the small amount found in his body.

As the investigation into G-Dragon’s case continues, fans and the public await further updates on the matter.

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