ERC modifies COC regulations for power companies in Mindanajsonirms

Energy Regulatory Commission Meets with Power Generation Companies in Mindanao to Discuss Revised Requirements for Certificates of Compliance

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) recently held a meeting with representatives from various power generation companies in Mindanao to discuss the revised requirements for obtaining certificates of compliance (COCs).

Sharon Montañer, ERC market operations service (MOS) director, stated that the meeting aimed to ensure the compliance of official generation companies and distribution utilities with the regulations set by the government. She also mentioned that the ERC plans to transition from the 2014 COC Rules to the 2023 COC rules, and will also be conducting a focus group discussion on the resolution of outage reporting procedures.

Additionally, the ERC is actively considering amending the rules to improve procedures based on suggestions from the Mindanao power representatives. The revised COCs act as the license governing the standards, requirements, and operating procedures for energy-related works in the country, particularly power plant operations.

Before the Information and Education Campaign (IEC) in Mindanao, the ERC had already conducted several campaigns in Metro Manila for Luzon stakeholders and held meetings with Visayas representatives in Cebu City.

The ERC’s efforts to update and educate stakeholders on the revised requirements highlight the government’s commitment to ensuring the efficient and compliant operation of power generation companies and distribution utilities in the country. (Gabriell Christel Galang)

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