Elderly athletes ready for tough Interclub challenge

Participants Gear Up for 75th PAL Seniors Interclub Golf Team Championship
The 75th PAL Seniors Interclub golf team championship is set to begin on Thursday, February 22, in Cagayan de Oro, promising dry fairway conditions that will add roll and yardage to the game.

The Pueblo de Oro greens are known for their unpredictability, especially with the expected wind that will play a significant role throughout the competition. This will lead to a scramble for top honors in the annual event, which will be followed by the PAL Regular Interclub next week.

Defending champion Luisita will face tough competition from Canlubang and Manila Southwoods, with Del Monte also aiming to make a strong impact in the tournament.

Groundskeepers at Pueblo have worked hard to rehabilitate the greens in time for the event, which will also take place at the challenging Del Monte Golf Club in Bukidnon.

While power hitters may enjoy wider fairways at Pueblo, the tight, tree-lined Del Monte course will pose a greater challenge for the players.

Top amateurs like Julius Bautista from Del Monte have advised players to handle the hard greens by hitting it short and allowing the ball to roll into play.

Key players like Jing Tuason, Ferdie Barboza, and Marvin Caparros will lead Luisita’s title-retention drive, with strong support expected from Rodel Mangulabnan, Ronnie Littaua, Chino Raymundo, Marty Ilagan, and Dan Cruz.

Canlubang and Manila Southwoods have also firmed up their rosters, with the former relying on players like Abe Rosal, Damasus Wong, and Zaldy Villa, and the latter being spearheaded by Jorge Gallent, Junjun Plana, and Thirdy Escano.

The anticipation for the 75th PAL Seniors Interclub golf team championship is high, with the promise of an exciting and challenging tournament that will unfold over four days.

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