BLACKPINK Members Do Not Renew Contracts for Individual Activities, Confirms YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment Allows BLACKPINK Members to Pursue Individual Activities

In a recent announcement, Korean agency YG Entertainment revealed that all four members of the K-pop group BLACKPINK will have the freedom to pursue their own individual activities outside of the company.

The agency stated that they had signed an extension contract for BLACKPINK’s group activities and agreed not to proceed with additional contracts for individual activities. This means that Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé will only be under YG Entertainment for activities involving the group.

The negotiations for individual contracts with BLACKPINK members appeared to have failed, despite previous indications that such contracts were being discussed.

Last December, YG Entertainment had announced that they had signed an exclusive contract for the group activities but mentioned that contracts for individual activities were still being negotiated.

The announcement from YG Entertainment came shortly after Jennie confirmed that she had established her own label, Odd Atelier, signaling her intentions to pursue solo ventures in the future.

With this new development, BLACKPINK fans can expect to see the members exploring new opportunities and pursuing their individual passions while still being under the umbrella of YG Entertainment for the group’s activities.

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