Submit proposed upgrade plan for budget discussions in 2025.

House Speaker Urges PCG to Submit Modernization Plan for 2025 Budget Deliberation

MANILA, Philippines — House of Representatives Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez has requested the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to submit its modernization plan for consideration during the chamber’s discussions on the proposed national budget for 2025.

In a statement released on Thursday, Romualdez emphasized that the PCG’s modernization plan should outline the necessary steps and resources needed to enhance its capabilities, particularly in patrolling and safeguarding Philippine territories in the contested areas of the West Philippine Sea.

“Our national security and sovereignty are paramount,” Romualdez stated, highlighting the importance of ensuring that the Coast Guard is well-equipped and well-funded to protect territorial integrity against external threats and assert sovereign rights in disputed waters.

The National Expenditures Program (NEP), which includes the government’s proposed budget for a fiscal year, is set to be submitted by the executive branch to Congress shortly after the president’s State of the Nation Address (Sona).

With President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. scheduled to deliver his Sona on July 22, budget deliberations are expected to commence in late July or early August.

Romualdez assured that the House would support the PCG in its mission of monitoring the country’s shores and waters.

“The House of Representatives is committed to backing the Philippine Coast Guard in its vital role. It’s not just about responding to immediate threats but also about maintaining a presence that underscores our commitment to national and regional security,” he affirmed.

During the 2023 budget deliberations, the PCG received a budget increase after the House decided to remove confidential funds from civilian agencies not mandated to conduct surveillance.

Once the House version of the budget was finalized, Marikina 2nd District Rep. Stella Quimbo revealed that P1.23 billion in confidential funds were realigned, with P200 million allocated to the PCG for intelligence activities and ammunition support.

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