From volleyball underdogs to champions: How NU became the top program in the Philippines

National University’s volleyball program has been on a remarkable winning streak in the past decade. With a total of eight titles in both the men’s and women’s divisions, NU has established itself as a dominant force in UAAP volleyball.

The Bulldogs, who were once without a title in the men’s division, now boast six championships, including a four-peat. The Lady Bulldogs have also been making waves, clinching their second title in three years. Coach Norman Miguel, who returned to lead the team, has been instrumental in NU’s recent success.

Under the guidance of coach Alinsunurin, NU has secured a total of six titles, with their latest victory being the most challenging yet. Looking ahead, the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs are preparing to defend their titles and maintain their status as top contenders in Philippine volleyball.

With star players like Bryan Bagunas, Owa Retamar, Jaja Santiago, and Dindin Santiago, NU’s volleyball program shows no signs of slowing down. Both teams are committed to not only dominating the UAAP but also making a mark on the international stage.

As NU continues to reign in Philippine volleyball, they are determined to uphold their winning legacy and inspire a new generation of players in the sport.

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