Announcement of Music Documentary ‘Under The Sky’

Yoshiki’s music documentary film, “Yoshiki: Under The Sky,” is set to have limited engagement showings in the US and UK, following its successful run in Japan. The film will be released in the US this month and in the UK in December. Additional countries and locations, as well as special events, will soon be announced.

The film, which features renowned composer, pianist, drummer, and X Japan band leader Yoshiki, showcases an extraordinary collection of international artists who came together post-pandemic to unite through the healing power of music. Filmed in Germany, Beijing, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, “Yoshiki: Under The Sky” includes interviews and performances from artists such as Sarah Brightman, Nicole Scherzinger, St. Vincent, Scorpions, The Chainsmokers, HYDE, SUGIZO, SixTONES, Jane Zhang, and Lindsey Stirling. The film celebrates the voices joined from across international borders after the challenges of Covid-19.

The documentary also delves into Yoshiki’s personal journey, including interviews about his passion for music and the pain of losing loved ones. One particularly poignant moment involves an interaction with the husband of a terminally ill fan. Through these stories, “Yoshiki: Under The Sky” highlights the profound healing power of music and Yoshiki’s unwavering determination.

Directed by Yoshiki himself, this project marks his directorial debut and was conceived during the pandemic when the connection between musicians and their fans was hindered. Reflecting on the film, Yoshiki expressed his gratitude towards everyone who participated in the project and his excitement for its release in UK cinemas this December.

The film promises to provide an emotional and inspiring journey for audiences around the world, offering a unique perspective on the resilience and unifying force of music.

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